The Things I Do

Modern Design & Development

Smart & compliant HTML5, CSS3 and PHP scripting to make your site perform well and enable easy edits and expandability.

3rd Party System Integration

Connect your website to 3rd party software such as Salesforce or Netsuite. Or simple things like Twitter and Email platforms.

High Performing Websites

Static HTML is a thing of the past. Use a CMS such as WordPress to get the most out of your website for no additional costs.

Different Packages for Everyone

Need just a design? Got it. How about some custom WordPress functionality? Got that too. Get what you need fast and simple.

From the Blog

Life As A Web Developer

Rewind back to June. I was working on a fraternity website (my largest project attempted at that time) and I was one month out of school looking for a development job around the Pittsburgh region. I managed 3 websites and only two were actively being used. I had never touched a popular CMS.

Mobile is Changing the Web

It is amazing how far the internet has come since my first use of it back in my grade school days. Back then we were using dial-up connections and pages rarely contained more than your basic HTML markup with minimal styling or server side interaction.

Recent Projects

Events in the City

Events in the City

Beautiful design, unique WordPress functionality and the whistles of jQuery made this project one of my favorites to this day.

Zoulis Properties

Zoulis Properties

With an outdated version of Joomla! and a ton of messed up styles and layout issues, it was time for a new start.